Sunday, 22 February 2015

How To Overcome A Creative Block

It's so easy to feel uninspired when you're working in a constantly creative industry. Ironic isn't it? 

I personally feel that once you're on a roll with shooting, retouching and coming up with concepts it's easy to shoot everything in your tool box at once. I do this all the time, it leaves me feeling creatively dehydrated! 

When i start to get like this its easy to not feel as creative and come up with fresh ideas. This is where   I start my process to get back on track, focused and creative. 

Firstly grab a cup of tea!

What i find best is to pick up a copy of your favourite fashion magazine my favourites being ( LOVE Magazine, Wonderland, V Magazine and POP) and , get a large scrapbook and a black marker! Start looking at the editorials, taking notes of the styling, whats in right now? Look out for current trends. After that I start to mark down locations the styling would fit into and what model I could cast for the shoot.

A great way of finding out the latest hair and make-up looks is to check blogs and fashion vloggers! Bloggers are so current and they can be a great source of inspiration if you're feeling down about your creative juices! 

And lastly I like to watch old music videos! The 90's were filled with great iconic looks, so take some style advice from the past and make it current! 

Start to compile all your information and break it down into individual shoots! And then you have a starting point to get back shooting! 

Remember, feeling uninspired is normal and every creative goes through it! Taking some "me time" isn't such a bad thing!